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How much to spend on digital marketing? This crucial question must be answered, since digital marketing can be key to your company’s success. The question, however, may not be how much to spend, but where to spend it. Read on to learn more about how to best direct your digital marketing spend.


Consider Your Marketing Goals


Much depends on the size of your company and on your company’s goals. Small to medium size businesses (SMBs) with limited marketing staff may need to outsource portions of digital marketing like content generation and search engine optimization (SEO). An ad application can help you reach additional customers, and you’ll need to consider how much to pay per click to generate that additional traffic. Search engine optimization (SEO) is another way to get noticed; SEO done well can boost your website to the top page of search results. And don’t forget email newsletters, which can help keep your customers current on company news. Depending on the talents of your staff, this can possibly be done in-house; on the other hand, you may need to hire outside help and budget for that spend. 


Consider a Marketing Audit


Sometimes it’s a good idea to look at the past to learn where to best direct your money and your efforts. An audit can help you assess past efforts, those that worked well and those that didn’t.  According to Smart Insights, it’s best to spend 7-15% of your total revenue on digital marketing, with 9-10% being a “sweet spot.” How have you allocated your total spending in the past, and how well does it work with current and future goals? 


New Ideas for Improving Digital Marketing


While using keywords in your blog posts is free, you might consider increasing your SEO strength by purchasing tools and services that boost your efforts. A professional SEO audit can be worthwhile, helping you learn how your company is doing currently and how to improve your efforts. Tools for automatically personalizing your on-page content are also available. Current staff can be further trained in SEO and content generation; your training budget may need another look.


To consider the future, looking at current and past efforts is worthwhile. To learn how to direct your spending and get the best return on investment (ROI), contact ClikCloud today.