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It’s heard that the average prospect requires seven “touches” (interaction with your company’s website, email newsletters, etc.) to make them your customer. Tools like Google Business can help when it comes to general information (contact info, hours, basic services, etc), along with your website and blog posts. Even better, LinkedIn can help you expand your marketing reach by helping you build and keep your audience using quality content. Read on to learn more about harnessing LinkedIn’s power.


The Power of LinkedIn


More than likely, you’re on LinkedIn, and use it regularly to communicate with your connections. Sharing quality content that you’ve generated–website landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, perhaps even a video or podcast–may be something you do more or less regularly. Building your contact list can be a way of getting that quality content in front of new eyes. You never know the results you might get sharing on LinkedIn.


Build Your Contact List


You can build your contact list in a number of ways. Whenever you attend a networking event,  or talk about your business in a casual conversation, you can ask to connect with people on LinkedIn. When you do, re-introducing yourself and giving a context for the connection will smooth the way. Another way is building second- and even third-degree connections by exploring the connections of your own first-degree connections, looking for people who you may know, and who may even have expertise in your industry. Joining a group is yet another way to build your contact list, discover new content and even share your own. With all of these options for building your contacts, who needs pre-purchased email lists?


Provide Quality Content


It almost goes without saying that quality content is a keystone of digital marketing. What is quality content? One hallmark of good content is relevance. Does it answer a question or address an issue a customer needs to resolve? Is it written in an engaging way? Finally, a clear call to action will get your reader involved, whether by calling you, subscribing to your email newsletter, or sharing your content. Once you’ve developed your content, you can share it in a newsletter or right on LinkedIn, in your profile. More examples of good content include website landing pages, social media posts, and blog posts (with a link to your blog on your LinkedIn profile). To make it easier for your customers and prospects to access your content, be sure it is mobile-optimized to view on any device. 


LinkedIn can serve as a megaphone to get your content viewed more widely, and to get your company more customers. For more information on using LinkedIn for digital marketing, contact ClikCloud today.