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As often is said, quality content is king in digital marketing. And what better place (besides your website) to share quality content with a regular blog? Read on to learn more about including blogging as part of your content.


Why Blog?


Blogging is a way of sharing relevant and timely content with your customers (and prospective customers). Not only that, it can maximize engagement and lead to more click-throughs. An ideal blog post is about 300 words, addressing readers’ questions, or telling a story about how you can help them.  Not only are you sharing your company’s story, but by weaving key words and phrases into the content, you have a chance to rank higher on search engines like Google and reach even more readers. Also, including a strong headline, images, and tags that allow people to search for and find your blog, will help get your company more exposure. With expertise, you can also add video blog posts, with keywords as tags. Including syndicated blog content (such as from ClikCloud)


When and Where to Share Content


Blog content should be frequently updated, and keeping a content calendar can help you reach that goal. It’s a good idea to set up a schedule for posting (every week, or every two weeks), and  it helps to have ideas on hand for the future. Publishing quality content regularly helps you  stay top-of-mind with readers. Not only can you have the blog as part of your website, you can share it and each new post on social media. This will get the attention of those on social media who may not already know about your company. An email newsletter is another ideal vehicle for your blog content, and quality content along with a “subscribe” button can bring in new followers.


Providing quality content by blogging can help maximize your company’s engagement with current and future customers, and even elevate your company’s site in search engine rankings. For help with this key part of digital marketing, contact ClikCloud today.