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The recent social media outage serves as a wake-up call: are you relying too much on your social media accounts in running your business? Read on to learn why a diversified approach to digital marketing, including a business website, will help you keep doing business even when social media is offline.


Outage as Wake-up Call


The Facebook outage on October 4 was a wakeup call for many. Businesses that depended on Facebook and its other platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp  to make sales, missed out on several hours of sales. This loss of revenue, distressing enough itself, can make it difficult for brick-and-mortar businesses to make ends meet. An early estimate of losses from the outage is $100 million. Some businesses rely entirely on social media for sales, and the worldwide outage was paralyzing. What this occurrence shows us is that we use social media, but it’s best not to rely solely on it to conduct business. Instead, it’s best to diversify digital marketing spend, spreading it between social media, advertising, and a quality business website.


Make Your Website the Cornerstone of Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Business owners who rely on social media–especially Facebook and Instagram–of course can continue to use it. But what if it goes offline, and there’s no way for the owner, or customers, to access your storefront and ask questions or make purchases? What if your website is where your customers go to buy your product or service, and where they communicate with you? Customers, vendors and other partners can interact with you  through your blog and email newsletter. They can also chat with you and get answers to their questions, any time of day. Blog posts, even when shared to social media, will also remain on the website. Therefore, it’s important to devote time to creating and sharing good content on your website, while using social media as a supplemental channel. 


As can be seen by the recent social media outage, it’s best to diversify your digital marketing channels. For additional assistance, contact ClikCloud today.