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Managed Service Provider (MSP) Marketing Tips

With a new year upon us, IT-managed service providers look for cost effective ways of generating new customers and getting more attached revenue from existing IT-managed service customers.  Crucial to any MSP marketing toolkit is a cost effective way to frequently get your MSP marketing message in front of MSP customers and prospects.  Here are some tips for help you get the most from your MSP marketing plan.

Leverage Your RSS Feeds

A Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed is an important part of your marketing mix that really doesn’t have any costs other than set up time.  Tools such as Google Feedburner are quick and cost-effective ways of publishing your blog content to multiple destinations, such as Facebook and Twitter.

An RSS feed will publish a summary of your blog content that is suitable for posting to your email, website, or newsletter and updating your  microblogs (e.g. Facebook and Twitter).  You can also extend your reach by asking your local chamber of commerce, trade association, or marketing network to subscribe to your RSS feed.  As an important component of your MSP marketing plan, an RSS feed  will get your name and MSP marketing message out in front of prospects, while generating a  number of useful search engine optimization (SEO) backlinks to content on your blog and website.

Add a newsletter subscription to your website

Your Email marketing list is another low cost tool in your MSP marketing toolkit.  You can expect 20% – 30% open rates from a monthly email MSP marketing newsletter.  However, there is a catch. You won’t get these results from a purchased list so you need to build your own list to get results like these.

Many times, when you meet someone, you may offer to give them a free subscription to your newsletter (that is if you have an email newsletter).   Don’t forget to add a subscription link to your website.  It is easy to add a “Subscribe” option to the menus on your header or footer.

Add a Free offer to your website.

Free is a very powerful word! Adding a free offer with a landing page on your website is another low cost MSP Marketing tip.  Many IT-managed service providers find a free onsite consultation including  an IT Security Assessment or Network Health Check. IT security assessments and network health checks are  great offers that get you in front of IT -managed service prospects.  Adding a landing page to your website that offers one of these free services requires some up-front time to implement but shouldn’t break the bank.

Your MSP Marketing Toolkit

Keep in mind, it may take five to six marketing interactions to turn a suspect into a prospect. For example, someone who sees your RSS content may subscribe to your newsletter.  They may read your newsletter a few times before asking for a free consultation.  Adding these components to your MSP marketing toolkit doesn’t need to be costly.  For the new year get your programs off to the right start by taking advantage of low cost MSP marketing tools.

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