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LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for marketing your business, used by hundreds of millions of people all over the globe. Read on to learn how to expand your reach and cement your brand using this professional social media site. 


Start and Continue With Quality Content


According to statistics, LinkedIn enjoys a usership of 900 million people in 200 countries. Users connect with each other, post content, and get involved in groups. Part of getting noticed is publishing quality content. Such content is interesting, informative, relevant to the reader, and contains a clear call to action. For example, it gives the reader the opportunity to subscribe to the company newsletter or visit the company’s other social media sites. Content can include your personal profile with career highlights, your company’s web page, and even in-depth posts about your industry. Licenses and certifications will attest to your skills, and you can even get recommendations and testimonials. Along with quality of content, sharing the content consistently according to goals you’ve set, will help you stay top of mind with readers. Remembering to clearly display contact information will help readers connect with you.


Features within LinkedIn make it easy to share your content. Using the “start a post” feature brings up a screen where you can choose a photo, video, or article, or create your own post. For sharing content, copy and paste (or simply type) the link. Sharing content regularly can help keep you relevant to your connections, and including your LinkedIn URL in your signature makes you easy to find and interact with. 


Then, Optimize with Keywords


Part of sharing content is making that content easy to find with common search engines. Using keywords organically and weaving them through your content is the best way to boost your ranking (no keyword stuffing!). Keywords can also be integrated into headlines, company descriptions and other types of content, so your business and your own profile are easy to find. Last but not least, you can include keywords when communicating in groups.


Expand Your Connections

Expanding your connections, along with sharing content, is an ongoing process. Using LinkedIn’s Import Addresses feature allows you to select contacts you may not have thought of, who you can invite to connect. Rather than sending a bulk email, being intentional about who you invite will get better results. Connecting, or reconnecting, with people you may have lost touch with is another way to expand your LinkedIn contacts. Whenever you invite someone to be a connection, sending a brief message about how you met them will help establish context. 

Communicate with Other LinkedIn Users


Engaging with other users, in particular on LinkedIn groups, helps you expand your reach and make contact with others in your industry. Consider joining multiple quality groups with a lot of activity and abundant content. Checking into your groups frequently and commenting on posts gives you a chance to share additional content and help others. By the way, groups with many link posts but few comments might contain spam–something to stay away from. Participating in groups helps your brand gain recognition, help you make more connections, and share information with others.


LinkedIn is a valuable, low-cost way to market your business. For more guidance in using this resource to best advantage, contact ClikCloud today. 

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