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Technology Trends you Will Hear About in 2018

Technology Trends you Will Hear About in 2018

According to technology research firm Gartner Group, technology spending is expected to grow to $3.7 Trillion dollars in 2018. Communications Services ($1.387 billion) and IT Services ($931 billion) make up the majority of spending. In contrast, Enterprise Software and Data Center Systems are the smallest categories of spending expected for next year. Shifts in IT spending from Data Centric to Cloud Computing change the landscape for buyers, vendors and technology solution providers alike. Here are top Technology Trends you will hear about in 2018.

What’s in Your Data Center?

What’s in Your Data Center?

Most experts agree we will create more Data this year than in all prior years combined. According to research firm IDG the world will create 163 zettabytes of data a year by 2025. It is no surprise IDC forecasts worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure to reach $122.5 billion in 2017, an increase of 24.4% over 2016. What is driving this growth and what do you need to know to manage what’s in your data center?

Why You Need a Responsive Website

Why You Need a Responsive Website

What is a responsive website and why do you need one? According to Searchengineland, more than 50% of website traffic is on a smartphone or tablet. Activities including blogging and social media help drive this trend. Mobile devices have smaller touch screens that navigate differently from PCs that rely on a keyboard and mouse. This could create a dilemma for visitors to your website if it does not incorporate a responsive design. Read more to find out why you need a responsive website design.

The IoT Security Challenge

The internet of Things (IoT) is much-talked-about technology. Driven by low-cost sensors, ubiquitous connectivity and updates to the Internet Protocol (IP), IoT is rapidly being adopted. Research firm Gartner expects over 8 billion devices connected in 2017. Cities use IoT to relieve parking congestion by collecting data on open parking spots; farmers can measure moisture in soil; and manufacturers use this technology to track inventory in their supply chain. Because these devices may use machine-to-machine connectivity without human intervention, this can increase the IoT Security Challenge. Here are some security considerations for IoT.

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection –Now More Than Ever

Recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, along with major earthquakes in Mexico, remind us how vulnerable we can be to disasters, and underscore the importance of data protection. As businesses depend on access to a range of systems–including call center, communications and collaboration application, customer management, and more–having a solid data protection plan can help you in a disaster recovery scenario. Now more than ever, a range of options exist to help maintain business continuity. Here are a few options to consider.

Do I Still Need a Website — Of Course You Do

With so many options for digital marketing MSP, Telecom, Cloud Service and others, Business Owners may ask the question “Do I still need a website?” While Social Media, Marketing Automation and other ad platforms are catching up to Google referrals, there are plenty of reasons to protect your brand by maintaining a strong web presence. Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and outbound marketing all drive referral traffic to your website, so keeping it current is more important than ever. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your website is keeping up with digital demand.

Considering Cloud Security

According to a recent research report “Assessing the Cloud Security Landscape” by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), 85% of business owners and IT professionals participating in a survey responded that they are Confident in their Cloud Service Provider. No wonder research firm IDC predicts the market for public and private cloud security to more than double over the next few years. What Cloud Security Concerns are top of mind with business owners, and what can you do to reduce your risk? Read more to find out…

How is Your Network Health?

Your network is the backbone of your IT Infrastructure. Your network health is also an integral part of your defense against Cyber threat. Cloud Computing, Communications and Collaboration, Data Protection, and Digital Transformation put more reliance on your network.  This begs the question, how is your network health? Ask yourself these three questions to find out the answer…

Digital Marketing – Where to Start?

According to Forbes Magazine, in 2017 “Digital Marketing has Taken the Marketing Industry by Storm.” There is a wide array of options for digital marketing: content marketing, big data, email marketing, live streaming video, mobile marketing, search engine marketing and more. With all of these digital marketing options available now, where should you start?

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