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Canalys, a leading global market analysis firm, held a forum recently in Palm Springs, examining the state of the channel. Canalys has been delivering market analysis and custom solutions to tech vendors for more than twenty years, and attendees had plenty to say about the growth of managed service providers, and the increased use of artificial intelligence in the coming years. Read on to learn about how AI can be used by MSPs to increase value to customers. 


The Growth of Managed Services


There was much talk about managed service providers (MSPs) and how MSPs are growing. The overall use of services delivered by channel partners reached $190.6 billion in 2022, expected to increase more than 10% year over year. In North America, over 80,000 partners delivered managed services in 2022, and a 61% increase by year is expected. Along with this, a 1% increase in the number of partners is forecast year-over-year. With so many new providers, how does any one firm gain a competitive edge?


Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Managed Service Providers


One indicator of a high-performing MSP is a turnaround time on support tickets of under thirty minutes. Since many providers receive 3,000 tickets per month, this is a challenge. Artificial intelligence could come to the aid of managed service providers attempting to meet this indicator. Automating certain tasks and processes, such as the assignment of tickets to different technicians and having bots handle redundant and routine issues, can help reduce turnaround time. Resolving redundant and quick-to-solve issues while still delivering quality results can only help your company sell its services more effectively. 


Cybersecurity Still a Key Issue for MSPs


Another trend discussed was cybersecurity, called “the gift that keeps on giving.” MSPs can use AI automation to detect anomalies and de-escalate issues, but AI also presents a challenge in that it involves huge amounts of data – including very sensitive data. How a company handles this data can help cement its reputation for dealing proactively with potential attacks. 


The forum at Canalys brought up interesting issues, quite a few centering on managed service providers. For more information, contact ClikCloud today.

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