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Digital MarketingAccording to research by SEMrush, 4 out 5 of the Inc. 5000 (fasting growing companies) spend money on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Of these companies, those in the IT Services industry make up the biggest portion of the list and also spend the most on PPC. If you own an IT Services company, you may have spent money on Google AdWords programs. Do you ever wonder if you are getting the most from your Google AdWords dollar?

We closely watch AdWord spending trends of our ClikCloud clients. We are excited to find we have improved Google AdWords’ campaign results by improving conversion rates. Improving conversion rates leads to cutting cost per lead by more than half. This means your AdWord marketing budget goes twice as far by producing twice as many leads with the same AdWords expenditure. What’s more, by properly managing budgets and tracking AdWords market share, you can double your expenditure and quadruple your flow of leads.

Here are three Tips to help you get up to twice as much from your Google AdWords Program.

Optimize Your Google AdWords Landing Page for Conversion

Make sure your landing page doesn’t have any extraneous outbound links, menu navigations, and other distractions that will cause a visitor to leave. You should also add trust-building content to your landing page to help encourage conversions. Customer Testimonials, additional information on your company, and your logo all support your brand and will improve conversions. Of course, make sure your lead capture form is prominent on the page. Consider using anchor tags to redirect the visitor to your form if you have a long page (recommended).

Get Better Conversions With a Strong Call to Action

There are a variety of Calls to Action (CTA) you can deploy to get a conversion rate. If you want the best Return on Investment from your campaign, getting leads when someone is in “buy” mode will produce a faster ROI. Offering a price quote is a great way to find a qualified buyer who is ready to purchase. IT services companies may not always sell online (i.e., e-commerce), so thinking through what you can offer as a price quote is part of the art. Consider projects that may lead to a lifelong client. Other informational offers, including white papers, consultations and assessments, are strong calls to action (CTA). Soft offers like “Find out more” and “Learn more” may not get the same results.

Don’t Forget Your Phone Number on the Landing Page

Not all leads will come from your lead capture forms. With up to 50% of your visitors coming from mobile-based Google search results, prominently displaying your phone number will improve conversions. Consider running your AdWords campaign during business hours so someone will be available to answer the calls. This is another way of making your AdWords budget go twice as far.

If you have used AdWords in the past and would like to find out more about how you can improve performance, contact us for a free quote.  If you haven’t used AdWords in the past and want more leads, schedule a free quote and we will let you know if your website is ready for Google AdWords.


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