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Is your business getting the attention it deserves online? A website is good, and social media is important, but a Google Business profile may be even more important. Claiming and verifying your listing is just the beginning to getting your company noticed in local search results. Read on to learn about using Google Business profiles to show your business in its best light.


Start with the Basics


Google Business Profiles are free to use, and getting started is easy. As long as your business interacts with customers in person, delivers goods and/or services in person, or does a combination of these, you can start your Google Business profile. Include basic information like business name, address and phone number. To that, you can add products and/or services, open hours, company news and photos. You can even write posts like you’d share on social media. Content should be refreshed regularly; this will keep customers coming back and will help your search engine optimization results, too. Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) can give visitors quick answers to their questions. Any and all quality content will help boost your search engine optimization results.


Boosting Your Profile’s Search Engine Optimization Ranking


By providing quality, optimized content, your profile will rank highly in local searches and map listings, bringing your business more traffic. Beyond the basics of NAP (name, address and phone number) and their consistency across web directories, positive reviews will help elevate your ranking. Even a negative review, handled well, will show how well you serve your customers–and the negative might just change to a positive. Optimized photos (with alt text, titles, captions and geotags) can also help you get a higher rating. Finally, metrics are provided to show how your profile is performing on key performance indicators like phone calls and clicks to your website.


Getting a Google Business Profile is just the beginning–an important one. For help with improving and optimizing your profile, contact us today.

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