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What if there’s a way to expand your digital marketing reach while still targeting your ideal customer? Multi-channel marketing, wherein your brand and message are shared across multiple channels (website and blogs, email, video, for starters), creates multiple touchpoints for your customers (present and future) to learn about and interact with you. Read on to learn more about this exciting way to draw in more prospects, leads and conversions.


Business Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing


Multi-channel marketing is simply using a wide variety of channels (traditional marketing included) to reach customers where they are. This means not just what they’re looking for, but where they like best to engage, be it Facebook/Meta and other social-media platforms, your own website and blogs, or an email newsletter. You can reach different segments of your markets, widening your reach while still targeting your ideal customer. Not only that, you can expedite movement of leads through the funnel, from initial contact to conversion. Done well, this type of marketing can also cement the authority of your brand. 


Using Multi-Channel Marketing


The best place to start with any marketing campaign is defining your goals. Perhaps you desire to get more leads overall, or you want to create repeat interactions with customers you already have. How many new leads do you want per month, and how many new interactions? What if you want to cement your brand and messaging in the minds of readers on other websites? Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in particular need to fine-tune their content, since many MSPS offer similar services. Sharing quality content across multiple channels has the potential to distinguish an MSP from its competition. Backlinking to authoritative websites relevant to your industry will bring additional attention to your website and trust to your brand, provided your linked content provides value. Sharing quality video content with embedded YouTube videos provides yet another way for customers to get to know your company. Finally, retargeting using Google Adwords is a way of letting someone do some of your marketing for you. 


Sharing your content across multiple channels is a great way to expand your reach while targeting your ideal customer. To get on board with multi-channel marketing, contact ClikCloud today.

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