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Any business looking to improve customer service has a range of tools at its disposal. One such tool, web chat, has proved itself in garnering leads and sales. Even web chat powered by artificial intelligence (think ChatGPT) has gotten in on the act. Read on to learn more about technological tools that enhance customer experience, as well as why the human touch is still needed.


What Web Chat Can Do For Your Business


Web chat, also known as live chat, can help you communicate with your users and provide them with a positive customer experience. Providing live chat can lead to a 12% increase in conversions, and 63% of your users are likely to return to your website if they can chat with someone via your website for quick answers to their questions. Used in tandem with chatbots, live web chat can quickly answer questions during exceptionally busy times during the workday as well as after hours. When customers know they can always get answers from you, they will trust you and a stronger customer-business relationship will result. Even a small increase in customer retention can reap a sharp increase in profits. When customers share their experience with your brand with others via word of mouth and social media, you stand to gain more traffic on your website, more leads and more customers.


Considerations in Adopting Web Chat


Whether you adopt live chat, chatbots or both in tandem, will depend on your company’s needs. For small to medium-size businesses, chatbots can lower costs by reducing the need for live customer service departments. Chatbots can be programmed to simulate and process human  conversation, both spoken and written, but may not be able to address all scenarios. Whether chatbots are right for your company depends on what questions customers ask–complex or highly-nuanced questions may still need the human touch. Installation costs need to be considered as well; are they in your budget? 


Web chat can improve customer experience with its responsiveness, and enhance customer perception of your brand. To learn more about web chat, contact ClikCloud today.

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