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Why Managed Service Providers Should Blog–

I asked an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) today if he maintained a blog. The MSP replied, what’s a blog? That sparked the topic of today’s blog. In addition to why you should blog, I also provide a few additional tips on how to blog.

Let’s start with the answer to the questions – What is is a blog?

Blog is short for Web log–a website that contains online journal articles highlighting topics of interest and personal views. I have reviewed scores of blogs from MSPs. Some blogs contain product reviews; others include tips on using technology. I have seen others provide insight on best practices including network security, regulatory compliance, cloud computing and computer repair.

All of these are great topics to include in your blog. Here is why…

Blog articles are a great source of keywords for search engine optimization (SEO). Writing consistently on topics will help your website rise in organic search engine rankings. Particularly if you post your blog to micro blogs, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. If you can get your local chamber of commerce to subscribe to the RSS feed of your blog you will also gain more viewers and important backlinks to your site.

Blogs also keep your website current. Blogging daily is great if you have the time. If you can’t get to it every day, try to update your blog a couple of times each month.

One way to keep your blog current is to ask your technicians to contribute. This way, one person doesn’t become a bottleneck to your blog. Consider outsourcing if you don’t have the time, writing skills or creativity to come up with topics and content on your own.

Blogging is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader with your customers and prospects. You can stay “top of mind” by sending out educational content to your followers on a regular basis. The bottom line is that your competitors are blogging! Almost half of the MSP sites I review have a blog. Isn’t it time you started blogging too?

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