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ClikStats Website Analytics

Hundreds of traffic statistics.  Extremely detailed search engine marketing information.  E-mail alerts upon user-definable traffic levels, conversion tracking of pay-per-click campaigns (e.g. Adwords) all the way to orders and revenue!  You can track user definable events, such as, promotions and downloads as well on your site.


Export and Email Your Reports

  • All reports can be exported to Adobe PDF, Word, Excel, OpenDocument, comma separated, tab delimited and rich text format.
  • Email a copy of any report at any time to multiple recipients.
  • Schedule reports for recurring email delivery to multiple recipients.
  • All reports can be displayed in printer-friendly mode.

Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Features

  • Referrals and search terms are tracked from hundreds of search engines.
  • Tracking is by site and by page for better optimization analysis.
  • Research potential click fraud by seeing repeat clicks by IP address, country of origin and more.

Please contact your account manager for your account name, user name and log in credentials.