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Tablet Computers to Outsell PCs in 2015 – What You Need to Know

Tablet Computers are set to outsell PCs in 2015, according to a recent report. According to industry analysts Gartner Group, world wide tablet computer shipments will climb to nearly 321 million units next year.  Meanwhile, Gartner predicts PC shipments will fall to 262 million units in 2015, putting Tablet Computers on track to lead the transition from traditional computing to mobile and cloud technologies.

Here are some key points you should consider about this trend.

Tablets Computers Provide Cross Platform Support for Cloud Applications

Many cloud applications support not only traditional PCs, desktops, and laptops, but also tablet computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices. Tablets allow your employees to work anywhere and in a variety of environments. Because tablet computers take up less space and are WiFi enabled, employees at counters, in the field, on factory and retail floors, in the healthcare sector, or on constructions sites.

Other Benefits of Tablet Computers

The latest tablet computers are outfitted with a variety of features that are native to the device. They have the ability to take pictures and track location information. They also have touch screen and pen based interface.  Case workers in the field can easily capture images, take notes, and tag locations to case files. Retail workers can look up inventory, architects can have access to drawings, and lawyers can access case files.  The possibilities are limitless with a well designed application.

Using Tablet Computers in the Workplace

It is important to consider wireless access, network security, and mobile device policy and management when you deploy tablet computers in your business. Limited wireless network access may leave your employees unproductive.

Because these devices are mobile in nature, they are at risk for loss or theft. Accordingly, the devices and networks should have a managed security policy to prevent unauthorized access to applications and application data.

If you are considering bringing tablet computers into the workplace or have questions or concerns about your tablet computer strategy, contact your IT Consulting Service Professional.

Can You Survive a Network Security Attack

Businesses are under constant attack from a variety of network security threats.  Cybercriminals hack databases for passwords for unauthorized access to your network.  Undetected Malicious software (malware) can trap and forward passwords. Viruses can infect your hard drive and destroy application data and files without your knowledge. Businesses large and small face these network security threats on a daily basis; larger organizations, however, may have more resources to fight attacks.  Small businesses may be more vulnerable to downtime and loss of productivity because of thinner margins and resources. Here are a few steps you can take to survive a network security attack.

Prevent Network Security Attacks Before they Occur

Protect your network by making sure all devices are in compliance with the latest anti-virus and malware updates. Ensure your operating system (O/S) patches are up to date. Protect your network with strong passwords and require your employees to change them regularly.  Discourage writing passwords down, and make sure employees are aware of the risks of a network security attack.

Lock Down your Mobile Devices

Mobile devices including smartphones and tablets are particularly vulnerable to theft and loss. Passwords on these devices can be easily cracked leaving your applications and data vulnerable to unauthorized access. Train your employees to report theft or loss of mobile devices quickly, and make sure that all data on the device is encrypted.  Having the ability to track and wipe data from these devices is another option to ensure you can survive a network security threat.

Backup Your Data

Online Backup and Cloud Backup are affordable options to have quick access to applications and data if you lose data because of a network security threat.  Additional options include having a failover system to quickly restore your information and get your business back up and running should you have a systems failure.

Compromising your critical information from unauthorized access, virus infection, and loss can be devastating for any business.  It is likely that small businesses have higher exposure and will have greater difficulty recovering from a network security threat. Contact your network security expert to find out your best options to avoid the consequences of a network security threat.